Sunday April10, 2022


Unified Creature Movement Stucio

Manchester NH

Hey all you Medicine Drummers 

let's get the medicine pumping . . . again !!

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Bring your Medicine Drum ( aka frame or hoop drum),

your healing vibes and let's celebrate the healing ecstasy of Medicine Drums speaking, "becoming", in community drum circle.

Each Medicine Drum will have the floor

to express it's desires in the moment. Yes, that's right, these drums are alive and this gathering is sacred space held for them to be seen, heard and felt.

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You step into the circle center rocking 360

vibing your Being, your cells, back to

order, health, vitality.

You intend your Medicine Drum

resonates balance, healing for you and for All !!
Yay !!!
Sliding scale cash please $ 20- 45 in Manchester NH .

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