Comments from workshop participants:

    "Thank you for this awesome 

     opportunity. I will be forever

     grateful."        -  K.B.

     "Life changing."

     "Thank you so much for offering that drum workshop ...The whole experience has been a blessing" 

                             - S.W.

   I had an AMAZING time yesterday. And my drum… oh my gosh, my     drum…… it did a lot of drying last night. I tapped it this morning

  (sorry, I couldn’t help it) and the sound… it is so awesome. It’s going to    have a beautiful voice. I decided I am not going to paint it, but        leave      it in it’s natural state as it is.

   Thank you for this totally awesome experience.

   I do hope our paths cross again!!




Drum Building Workshop

March 19, 2022

10 am to 5 pm


Unified Creature

Manchester NH

Come build your own

sacred 15" Bison Medicine Shaman style Drum

all materials and instruction included.

Register with email here

The drum is the primal heartbeat of our Mother Earth.

It is your primal heartbeat.

It is the first instrument used by humankind.

A steady drum beat synchronizes the pulse, the blood, lymph

and all life flow, not only in human biology, but in all life throughout the cosmos.

You may experience a life affirming shift during this deep

medicine immersion on this auspicious New Year,

new beginning of Earth's cycle around Sun, Spring Equinox.

$150 deposit extended to February 28 2022

$375 full request for appreciation

Register here

Balance due by the day of the workshop.

You will journey inward to the spirit of Bison, the medicine that Bison has to offer you.

You receive your personal message and teaching from Bison.

Ceremony is used to instill your personal energy, 

your medicine and intention into your drum, 

creating a healing tool, a beautiful instrument

as well as a sacred creation or art.

Making the drum stick is included.

All materials included.

Register here

This is a peaceful healing event.


  •    Bison Medicine Drum Building Workshop