JaneE's goal is to be an instrument of healing in your life, empowering you to learn to be your own healer...

assisting you in creating a loving, healing relationship with yourself which facilitates continual positive life enhancing results.


"I am moving forward in areas where I have been jammed for years, procrastination evaporated, I am letting go of, and working through 'old stuff' . . . and I feel fantastic!"

_ G.M. Sutton NH

It works through

- Consciousness

- Intention

- Thought

- All of which is Vibration

                JaneE's ability to "plug in" to your energetic body

         where ever you are in the world, is a gift she has 

          studied, honed and practiced for the past 25 years.

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                 Many experience distant or remote healing as more profound than in person experiences.

This may well be the case for you.

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Healing your heart and soul


Like cell phones,

we are always

connected to each other  through earth's universalquantum electromagnetic field .

                                     -  JaneE