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Water - You know we cannot live without clean pure drinkable water.

Water makes up 70-90% of the human body. And our Mother Earth's body. Not to mention everything else on this gem of a planet.

Stop for a moment . . . Look at a drop of water.

It seems so miniscule.

Yet it holds the power of life and death.

Is this drop of water potable?

Is it clean enough for you to drink?

Love it anyway, no matter what.

Hello, Aloha, Namaste', I AM Reverend JaneE King. I have been spiritually guided to drop everything as I knew it and travel the waterways of this country blessing the water.

I walked out of my apartment for the last time on July 6, 2016. Life as I knew it, has dissolved, it is no more. The water has called to me.

How this happen is the story of my. I have become a servant to her. Flowing with the currents of unseen ancient passageways of no time and no space.

Freedom has walked through my life. Opened all my doors and windows. Removed the floor and ceiling. Flowing downstream on a drop of water, where I go I do not know. Yet I continually arrive home in my Self.

This is my Way to clarity, truth and living fully in the moment. Uncovering my passion to follow Spirit, live from my Soul, following divine guidance daily has sharpened my view of not only my personal spiritual path but more importantly who I AM as a Being of Light, Love and Pure Beingness.

Learning the value of the Seat of the Soul as Gary Zukav puts it. And living from the Seat of Awareness, the perspective of Michael Singer.

Water, oh Divine Being of flow, you are my greatest teacher. It is you who called out to me in the recesses of my Eternal Self. It is you, Dear One, directing me to your shores. It is you Dear Water communicating your ancient wisdom as told in all the sacred texts of this world.

What is this Wisdom you may ask ?

Here is the Gem of Water’s truth –

      Love yourself until your cup overflows.

           Then and only then are you truly able to love another.

           Then and only then can you truly change the world.

           Then and only then will your hearts field (electromagnetic field or aura) be an insatiable beacon of Love.

The great Onondaga Lake in Syracuse NY came to me in a dream. It said "HELP ME!". Help the waters of this planet. When I researched this lake what I found caused a great sadness to well up inside me. Not one, but five different corporations had been dumping/spewing PCB’s and other toxic substances into this previously pure body of water. The sacred water of the Onondaga People.

Beautiful Lake Onondaga is now considered

the most polluted lake in this country.

Love is the most powerful force in the world. This is what JaneE is bringing to the waters of this country. Through song, prayer and loving blessings at the edge of the water, JaneE is healing the waterways.

Many many thanks from JaneE's heart and the heart of the water beings. Please pass this along to anyone you feel may have a true interest in supporting this Water Blessing Walk.


Note – When words or phrases are capitalized, like Love, Eternal Being etc. it is because these words or phrases are synonymous with God.

Blessing the St Mary River -

Glacier National Park

Lady Longrider Artesian Spring

 Chapter 1 - 2016 

  Water Blessing Walk

Water  -  given freely,



by our Mother,

the Earth.

~  JaneE

Blessing Cagle Mill Lake

Blessing headwaters of the

Little Bighorn River

near Bighorn Medicine Wheel Wyoming

August 2016