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Are you aware that you are on the cutting edge?
The cutting edge is the blade, the thin blade - on one side is the 3D reality and on the other side is the Awakening Human. It is a fine line between 3D and the Awakened Dimensions.  We are on the cutting edge of Ascension . This shift in the Earth  puts us on this blade to go towards something that we have never been to before.

Energy Medicine Sessions with JaneE King will help you stay on the path that you have come to  Earth to follow.  

Everything is Energy. When trauma occurs, energy gets tangled and blocked. This is the basis of all illness. These sessions address the energetic blocks that you may be facing on your path. 
Energy Medicine Sessions
What is an Energy Session like?
The Healing Space is a safe container where all of our spiritual helpers are engaged in the unique method that  your being is ready for to release the blocks.  We may use a drum, a rattle, hands-on healing, and more as part of the healing space.

In person healings are preferred to create a safe container. We are working with the heartbeat. The heartbeat of the Earth, the heartbeat of the Human. Learning to live from the soul, trust your own soul, and love your soul which loves yourself.

The epitome of the Human Experience is Self-Love.
JaneE King has 25 years of experience of being able to mirror and allow guidance to come through to give the client a new perspective. It is a positive, life enhancing growth process.