Wisdom of the Winged Ones

What will the feathers say to you?

The Feathers have spoken.

They say they have messages

for those on the Path.

Speaking through Janee,

the Winged Ones impart loving

guidance for those seeking

clarity, assistance and healing.

You choose from

Janee's collection of feathers

and are asked to place the feathers

in a specific spread formation.

From there they relay their message.

The integrity and clarity of this process

can be life transforming

as the accuracy of the feathers

is pure and true.


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of the

Winged Ones

Feather Readings


of the

Winged Ones


I just wanted to thank you for the Feather Reading & CD yesterday at the event in Nashua. I still am amazed at your initial impression when my wife and I walked by your table as well as the accuracy of your gift/calling. Thank you so much and I will be open and aware to all you shared in the reading. (especially the Crow)

Respectfully,  J

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