"What a day! So grateful to have shared this experience with all of you! Janee your amazing..."    - C.C. Chocorua NH

"JaneE, I can't even begin to express how grateful I am for you, for bear who gave her life to embark on a new journey as we step forth as one, for the blessed, powerful, soul-filled, healing drums that we brought to life yesterday as we received your loving guidance. Thank you so much for this amazing and beautifully healing experience.

Blessings abound....."          R.H. Effingham NH

"Thank you for this awesome 

     opportunity. I will be forever

     grateful."        -  K.B.

     "Life changing."

     "Thank you so much for offering that drum workshop ...The whole experience has been a blessing" 

                             - S.W

I had an AMAZING time yesterday. And my drum… oh my gosh, my drum…… it did alot of drying last night. I tapped it this morning (sorry, I couldn’t help it) and the sound… it is so awesome. It’s going to have a beautiful voice. I decided I am not going to paint it, but leave it in it’s natural state as it is.

Thank you for this totally awesome experience. I do hope our paths cross again!!



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Write your prayer

or inscription

in your drum hoop.


Bear Medicine

Drum Building Workshop

the Hive: Farm & Community Space

Candia NH

May 4, 2024    10 am to 5 pm

Request for Appreciation $ 350

Your non-refundable deposit of $150 gets you registered

Registration closes April 13th

Register below

Join Master Workshop Leader Jane E. King in a day of peace,

deepening into yourself as you create your own13"

Bear Medicine Drum.

All instruction and materials included.

This is a peaceful healing event.

Register now.

Why make your own drum?

Immersing yourself deep into your primal self, touching parts of you that may have been hidden in this lifetime, this is the sacred process of making your own personal medicine drum. You make tactile contact with the bear through its hide, with the sacred wood hoop, with the water, air, earth, fire, and all relations involved in this immersion.

Your heart has a knowing. Does it call you into this process? As you make your drum a special camaraderie blossoms among the participants, with each student supporting and helping the others. By sharing experiences and knowledge, participants create a “circle of learning” that encourages discovery and understanding.

Join us in a day of peace, deepening into yourself as you create your own sacred 13" Bear Medicine Drum.
This is a day long ceremonial immersion into the spirit of Bear.
You will journey to the spirit of Bear to receive your personal guidance and teachings. We continue the ceremony as you instill your personal energy, your medicine and intention into your drum, creating a healing tool, a beautiful instrument, a piece of art.
Once your commitment is final, your relationship

with bear medicine will begin. Bear will start coming to you

in a myriad of ways. Bear may show up in your dreams,

in your meditation, you may actually see more deer in your daily life.

Be open to deer showing up in your life and speaking with you.

Come journey with us to the spirit of Bear!

More about JaneE King:
Since JaneE was in 4th grade she wanted to drum.

She held her first Medicine Drum Making workshop on February 1997

with her husband at the time, Richard King. She has continued

offering this medicine to the world because of her inspirational

encounters with her beloved spiritual teachers.

She herself has many teachings in her medicine pouch.

She knows that making a relationship with the animal spirit and your drum

is Sacred. She has spent the last 30 years helping people create

that connection with the animal spirit through their drum.

She is a bridge to your life long healing relationship with the four legged medicine.

"I have made two drums with JaneE and it is the most special experience. I feel that my drums are extension of my soul and I can feel their healing medicine!" ~ Joy M.

This process is life enhancing – life changing.


Thank you !!!