JaneE King 

Healing Relationship of the Heart 

with Medicine Drums

Alternative Medicine

Alternative Healing

JaneE's goal

is to be an instrument

of healing in your life,

empowering you to learn

to be your own healer...

assisting you in creating

a loving, healing

relationship with yourself

which facilitates

continual positive

life enhancing results.


"I am moving forward in areas where I have been jammed for years, procrastination evaporated, I am letting go of, and working through 'ol stuff' . . . and I feel fantastic!"

_ G.M. Sutton NH

Healing your heart and soul


It works through

- Consciousness

- Intention

- Thought

- Vibration.

     Like cell phones,

     we are always

     connected to each other

     through earth's universal

     quantum electromagnetic field .

                                     _ JaneE