JaneE King Healing Heart and Soul

Alternative Medicine

Alternative Healing

JaneE's goal

is to be an instrument of healing in your life,

empowering you to learn to be your own healer...

assisting you in creating a loving, healing

relationship with yourself

which facilitates continual positive

life enhancing results.

   "JaneE, the gifts you have given me are immeasurable, you literally saved my life, I thrive because of the work we did that summer :)"

    Alexa A.      St. Johnsbury, VT

Are you ready? 

YES! You ARE ready if you arrived here !

To live from your heart's longing, the reason you incarnated.

You have experienced trauma / abuse in the past.


You are ready for the fulfilling life you stepped onto this plane to create.

JaneE's compassionate presence is a distillation of over 20 years practicing the ancient skills of Energy Medicine. Guiding others like you into their heart and souls longing.  JaneE's exciting life changing abilities have helped hundreds of people like you achieve the following:

             ~  positive permanent life changes

             ~  dissolve depression, anxiety and grief

             ~  attract lasting loving relationships

             ~  release trauma, phobias and fears forever

             ~  replenish joy and happiness for life

             ~  restore physical vitality and vigor

             ~  renew self esteem and self care

You are ready to achieve positive permanent changes in your life, contact JaneE.

Healing Heart and Soul therapeutic techniques are proven to not only work, but last a lifetime.

Guided by your soul group, Ascended Masters, Archangels and numerous allies in the etheric realms, JaneE's ancient healing methods and states of being guide and shift you back into your optimum health and vibration welcoming heart and soul parts of you back home into your body.

      Are you ready to change your life?  . . . Yes?! Schedule your appointment here!

      JaneE is able to connect with you wherever you are in the world.

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JaneE's healing studio after

Equinox Water Horse Ceremony 3/22/14

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