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​Reverend JaneE King has been Spiritually Guided to drop everything as she knows it and travel to waterways blessing the water.

She has dissolved life as she knew it to follow Spirit. Her belongings, that have not been sold or given away, are in storage. Her home is her tent and her trusty RAV4. Spirit made it clear to JaneE that she was to let go of any ties to a physical home. 

Water. We cannot live without clean pure drinkable water. It makes up 70-90% of the human body and the Earth's body. Stop for a moment. Look at a drop of water. It seems so miniscule. Yet it holds the power of life or death. Is that drop of water you are holding potable/drinkable? Is it clean enough to drink? Love it anyway.

The great Onondaga Lake in Syracuse NY came to JaneE in a dream. It said help me. Help the waters of this planet. When JaneE googled this lake she found that it is considered the most polluted lake in the country.

JaneE's Walk began at the Atlantic Ocean at Race Point Beach in Provincetown Massachusetts June 30, 2016. Drumming, chanting, singing, praying and open hearted loving she offers to the great waters of this country and beyond.

Love is the most powerful force in the world. This is what JaneE is bringing to the waters of this country. Through song, prayer and loving blessings at the edge of the water, JaneE is healing the waterways.​

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Blessing the St Mary River -

Glacier National Park

Blessing - Niagara Falls

Lady Longrider Artesian Spring


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