Alternative Medicine

Alternative Healing

JaneE's goal

is to be an instrument

of healing in your life,

empowering you to learn

to be your own healer...

assisting you in creating

a loving, healing relationship with yourself which facilitates continual positive

life enhancing results.

Are you ready

to have your life back?

    ... Just to let you know, my   

     dizziness dissipated as the

     night went on and by Friday

     it was completely gone and I

     have not had a recurrence.

     So, thank you, again.

     _  April B.  Concord NH

                      JaneE's Healing Heart and Soul energy medicine healing techniques

              are effective and successful in preventing and healing cardiovascular disease

              and other heart imbalances.

                     The key to success is JaneE's ability hold clarity, commitment

              and consistency in your healing process. You succeed as her client through

              your willingness and ability to devote yourself to your healing. Your healing

              ultimately is in your hands as JaneE creates a sacred space for success.

                     JaneE's 18 years experience with authentic heart healing protocols

              coupled with continual upgrading of her knowledge and understanding

              of the human being and human body have afforded her a huge heart

              presence that some say is palpable. Assisting you to feel your heart and

              love awakens in you a primal knowing that spontaneously dissolves past

              holding patterns in your energy field.

                    As you re-member how to love and receive love and give love, your

             heart is nourished. Ultimately, when you learn to nourish your heart

             with your own love, many many walls that have kept you guarded

             and separate from others simply melt away.

                   It is in the feeling of love, the acceptance of love, the giving and

             receiving of love to and from your heart that heals not only your

             cardiovascular system but all systems of the body on all levels.

                   Bringing conscious compassion into your life is the true healer here.

             This is where JaneE's expertise excells.


             ~ Are you familiar with chi, prana, the human energy field, or human

                electromagnetic field?

            ~ Clairsentience also known as clear feeling is the intuition of the heart.

            ~ Did you know that the heart communicates with all parts of the body,

               especially the brain, all the time instantaneously controlling homeostasis, or

               balance of the whole system, the whole body?

            ~ Did you know that the heart contains over 40,000 neurons which are now

               known as the Heart Brain spawning a new science called


           ~ This Heart Brain is constantly sending signals to the head brain and to all

              body systems initiating release of, and production of, the plethora of

              chemistry needed for life.

           ~ Would you like to live your life from your heart, from that loving place,


           ~ Do you believe that Cardiovascular Disease and other illnesses can be

              prevented and healed? If so then click below to schedule your healing session.

Healing your heart and soul

    ~ Did you know -

        that the Heart's electromagnetic

        field is 5,000 times stronger than

        that of the brain?

 Heart Healing

As a race,

as a specie,

humans have

turned a huge corner.

Now is the era

of healing past hurts.

Now we have

a huge opportunity

to live

in THIS moment,


THIS moment,

living life fully

and completely

in THIS moment.

Through the eyes of the heart.

_ JaneE King

Energy field of the heart