Comments from workshop participants:

    "Thank you for this awesome 

     opportunity. I will be forever

     grateful."        -  K.B.

     "Life changing."

     "Thank you so much for offering that drum workshop ...The whole experience has been a blessing" 

                             - S.W.

I had an AMAZING time yesterday. And my drum… oh my gosh, my drum…… it did alot of drying last night. I tapped it this morning (sorry, I couldn’t help it) and the sound… it is so awesome. It’s going to have a beautiful voice. I decided I am not going to paint it, but leave it in it’s natural state as it is.

Thank you for this totally awesome experience. I do hope our paths cross again!!



Build your own 15” Deer Medicine shaman style drum

  Circles of Wisdom

Methuen MA

Saturday May 1, 2021  ~  10 am to 5 pm

 Enrollment closes April 16

Class size is limited to 10. 

All materials and instruction included.

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It’s time to make your own shaman drum

Request for appreciation

$ 295

$125 non-refundable deposit required

before April 16. 2021

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Medicine is spirit power. The power of spirit. The potency of the spirit of deer.

Travel to Deer through a guided inward journey where you will commune and communicate with deer recieve your personal message from deer. Then you will instill your personal message through out the workshop process into your drum

Medicine is spirit power.  The power of your spirit as well as the deer spirit. JaneE will guide you on a journey to the spirit of deer where you will receive a personal message deepening your relationship with your Deer Medicine Drum.

Ceremony is used to instill your spirit, your medicine, into your drum, creating a healing tool, a beautiful instrument as well as a piece of art.

The sacred process of birthing your own personal medicine drum immerses you deep into your primal self, potentially touching parts of you that may have been hidden in this lifetime. You make tactile contact with the animal through its hide, with the sacred wood hoop, with the water, air, earth, fire, and all our relations in this immersion.

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Your heart has a knowing. Is it calling you to deer medicine?

Jane E. King

Master Drum Builder/Energy Medicine Practitioner

your animal medicine guide in a day of peace, deepening into yourself

as you birth/create your own Deer Medicine Drum.

This is a peaceful healing event.


Drum Building Workshop

      Deer Medicine Drum Building Workshop at Circles of Wisdom