JaneE King Healing Heart and Soul

A ​Medicine Drum is

a healing tool,

sacred instrument,

piece of art.

Medicine is ​spirit power,

the power of spirit

the power of your spirit.irit power,


the power of spirit

the power of your spirit.

​​The heartbeat of Mother Earth,

the heartbeat of all of life.

Journey with it,

meditate with it,

circle in community

​to amplify ​the

​healing vibration 

and intention

      of your healing medicine.

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Why make your own Living Medicine Drum?

Have you ever asked yourself that?

The sacred process of making your own personal Medicine Drum

immerses you deep into your primal self,

touching parts of you

that may have been hidden

in this lifetime.

You make tactile

contact with the animal

through its hide,

with the sacred tree people


with the water, air, earth, fire,

and all relations involved

in this immersion.

Your sacred heart has a knowing.

It contains the truth

of why you are here.

Does it call you

into this process?

As you make your drum at a Medicine Drum Building Workshop a

special camaraderie blossoms among the participants, with each

student supporting and helping the others. By sharing

experiences and knowledge, participants create a “circle of

learning” that encourages discovery and understanding.

This process is life enhancing – life changing.

You are ready! 




What is a Medicine Drum?

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