Elk Medicine Drum



The One becomes the two, and so life begins. Growing, dividing, multiplying, the cells of creation manifest miraculously meticulously, magically into full life form.

The art work on this Elk Medicine Drum, a ring of gold intersecting a ring of turquoise, the sacred and the mundane, potential growing, dividing and merging into life form.

Elk, known for it's stamina, strength, and steadfast power, is an awe inspiring animal when experienced in the wild, on the earth in it's true nature.

This Elk Medicine Drum will take you there. Where ever "there" is for you, as you seek your own stamina, strength and steadfast personal power.

Inspired by my journeys through the Turquoise Trail in New Mexico which is part of old Route 66 meandering from Albuquerque northward through Sandia Park and Madrid to Santa Fe.

Elk Drum $395 + $13 PP Fee