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What if ?

new old insights


ready to be shared

in this fun new old way

allow your playful nature to 

let go and reconnect

to fun

to earth

to who you really truly are -

A Spark of the Divine

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I wanted to end my life once

a few years ago.

Walked into the woods

for about a mile and a half.

In that walk, She shifted me.

My Mother the Earth wanted me alive.

Can you feel her love for me?

You could say that now, I am Grounded in her unconditional love. She touched me in a deep motherly way. My heart felt it.

That's what you can plug in to when you

practice Grounding every day as often as you can.

Grounding can become your way of being that you have programed yourself to be. The initial effort, if any, melts as time goes on.

Grounding is also the first step in the Healers Prep as taught at my mystery school of choice, BBSH.

Contact me here if you would like to learn more details about Grounding.