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JaneE King 
eart and Soul Healing

              JaneE King is an energy medicine practitioner, graduate of the
       Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a certified hypnotist, life long
       equestrian, ordained minister, earth ceremonialist and educator
       with over 18 years experience teaching and practicing energy
       medicine, intuition, holistic health, earth honoring ceremonies
       and more.

               After 25 years in the business world, health issues steered her
       to earth based solutions to health and wellness.

               Her expertise and heart based practice of energy
       medicine, herbalism, indigenous healing ceremony, and equine
       assisted approaches to healing, align her to be your conduit of
       healing and change through these practices. Her clear contact
       with the infinite spiritual dimensions facilitate permanent life

             JaneE offers individualized heart infused healing sessions and life
       changing group programs utilizing the healing wisdom of the
       ancients and other esoteric tools as called upon by the energy field
       and soul of the client.

       JaneE's healing sessions are available by appointment.

               She has been facilitating Medicine Drum shaman drum
       building workshops since 1997. Go to Drums for further information on   
       Medicine Drum building workshops. Go to the drum page
       to purchase one of JaneE's beautiful hand made drums or rattles.

              JaneE's distant or remote healing where ever you are in the
       world transcends linear space/time thus being a powerful
       method to receive and attain the same benefits as an in
       person session and is available via telephone or skype.

              The Feathers have spoken. They say they have messages for
       those on the Path. They fell off the shelf one day and told JaneE
       to read them for others. The method they gave her is sure and
       true. It is a healing by feathers. Contact JaneE for a reading today.

              JaneE is creator, producer and hostess of a community access
       television show, New Earth LIFESTYLES, viewed at